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We have words for this type of person and they're not very polite.
Again, a suspended sentence, for uncontrollable violence directed towards a dog.Imagine the outrage if this had been a toddler?
#AnimalWelfareMatters #ViolenceIsViolence #NoExcuseForAbuse
Why so many #CanineFertilityClinics?
Designer dog breeds like Frenchies & English Bulldogs often can’t mate or whelp without human help.
So #CanineFertilityCowboys intervene – but breeding from dogs who can't mate or whelp naturally is unethical.

Act now:
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Adopt, don’t shop campaign - our message this Christmas is please do not buy a dog, adopt from a rescue! If you can't adopt, foster, volunteer or donate.

Thanks to former Irish professional footballer, Niall Quinn, & to Giz a Laugh, Enya Martin, for their messages. (1/2) 🐶
Following controversy last month about the removal of live animals from the Christmas crib at the Mansion House in Dublin, the alternative Christmas display is now in place
We can't currently work with the police in #Ukraine, but our training on #TheLink between animal & human violence still evolves.

Read our 9-point plan, created by experienced police officers in the UK & Canada.

#ProtectAnimalsProtectPeople @stoddatm
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Passionate campaigners with important messages can risk making comments that are defamatory or breach advertising standards.

Don't get caught out, to learn more about us see
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