Control of Horses Act 1996

An act to provide for the control of horses and to make provision for the licensing of horses in urban and other areas where horses cause a danger to persons or property or nuisance and to amend certain other enactments relating to animals and to provide for related matters. [19th December, 1996]

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Abandoned Horse on Local Authority/Council Land

Report to Local Authority.
Legislation: Control of Horses Act 1996 and Control of Horses Bye-laws.

Abandoned Horse on Private Property

Straying or Causing a Nuisance or Danger

Horses being kept on or grazed on local authority/council land (without permission)
Straying on public roads or property.

  • Where to report
  • Solutions and Recommendations

Flygrazing – Grazing or Keeping of Horses on Private Land, without Landowner’s Permission

Unlicensed Horse or Donkey

Statistics on Seizures

Seizures under the Control of Horses Act 1996 for 2008 – 2018 (Source: DAFM)

NB: the statistics above do not include figures for horses and donkeys seized under other legislation

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