Animals rights

EU Farm Animal Welfare Legislation: prioritisation In Livestock Industry

Animal welfare has been a topic of discussion for many years, especially with the increase in industrialised farming practices. Alice de Concerto, the legal advisor at the European Institute for Animal Law and Policy, is questioning the effects of EU farm animal welfare legislation in protecting animals. In her presentation, she examines the limitations of animal welfare and its significant shortcomings in protecting animals.

Three year old animal neglect case is concluded in Longford Circuit Court – Longford Live

Judge Connolly complemented the animal charity on their work. The judge described “a crazy scene to have 40 animals on site”, but said although it was a “significant matter” it could have been dealt with in the District Court. — Read on

Three men found guilty over Strokestown attack

Patrick Sweeney, Paul Beirne and Martin O'Toole were found guilty of false imprisonment and assault causing harm to four security personnel, arson to three vehicles, aggravated burglary, criminal damage to the front door of the house, violent disorder, and finally, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by causing or permitting an animal to be struck … Continue reading Three men found guilty over Strokestown attack

Puppy farmer rants in court after conviction for running unlicensed facility upheld –

"Passing judgement, Judge Johnson said he was satisfied Offaly County Council had proved its case in relation to Rigney running an unlicensed dog breeding establishment." — Read on