Is Sulky or Road Racing Illegal?

A mechanism to permit, prohibit, or impose conditions on races such as Sulky Racing/Road Racing exists under Section 74 of the Roads Act 1993 (see Dáil debate on sulky racing). Extract of Section 74 74.—(1) In this section “road race” means a prescribed class of race, time trial or speed trial on a public road … Continue reading Is Sulky or Road Racing Illegal?

Road Traffic Legislation

Drivers of horse-drawn vehicles must use the same hand signals as riders. Thehorse-drawn vehicle must have two red rear reflectors. At night, the horse-drawnvehicle must also carry a lamp on the right-hand side of the vehicle showing awhite light to the front and a red light to the back.You must not drive a horse-drawn vehicle … Continue reading Road Traffic Legislation